301 Gresel Street Hayward, CA 94544 US

corner of Gresel Street & Brae Burn Ave.

(510) 431-3400

Cecilia Miskic
Returning President
Carolyn Morales
Returning Vice President
Angela Baca
New Treasurer
Maxine Del Cid
Returning Secretary
Donette Muriset
Returning Board Member
Joan Moore
Returning Board member
Sandy Hurtado
New Board Member

Very truly yours the New Treeview Swim Club Board for the 2017 Season

October 10, 2016

Greetings Treeview Swim Club members. We had our annual members meeting and pot luck on September 10th 2016, with a great turn out. This letter is to express to all of you the outcome of the annual meeting and the upcoming changes for the 2017 season.

The beginning of the 2016 season started with a financial short fall. We inherited an $8,000.00 deficit when we took over in November of 2015. During our members’ meeting this year it was voted and approved to asses each and every member $14.00 to help pay our taxes to compensate for this shortfall. Our property taxes are due November 1st and Delinquent December 10th. We hope to pay this on time. Attached please find a bill for the assessment. Thank you in advance for your support and prompt payment of this assessment.

Additionally the members voted on the following changes in member’s dues for the 2017 season.

NEW OWNERS: $399.00 for 1 to 4 people. $100.00 for the 5th. $75.00 person 6-10.

RETURNING MEMBERS: $125.00 per person for 1-5. $75.00 per person for 6-10.

Memberships are due by February 15th 2017. However, if you pay by January 1st we are offering a guest pass card, for the 2017 season, valued at $50.00 as a THANK YOU. Any memberships paid after the due date of February 15, 2017 may be assessed a late fee.

Beyond our continued financial struggle we have good news after a GREAT YEAR. In the 2016 season we were able to clean up the grounds. Prune back over 15 - 50+ foot trees (labor and clean up donated). We had the grounds regularly maintained and lawns cut (often through donations). We opened the pool on schedule. We had 2 successful members BBQ fundraisers. We raised over $2,000.00 in cash donations. We stayed open for 1 month longer than previous years. We hosted the Treeview Dolphins Swim Team without a hitch. Our annual income has increased due to new memberships this year and additional fund raising efforts. A big part of our ability to accomplish so much this year was the hands on involvement of the Treeview Club Board, their families, our employees, and a few select families who were here through the thick and thin. A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

Next year we will roll out a fundraising campaign to raise up words of $150,000.00 for long overdue repairs. Our facility is running on a very old system and on quite a few prayers. The wading pool has been out of service now for 2 seasons, the plaster is deteriorated, the eaves are dry rotted and the list goes on. We need all members to get involved. In January you can expect to get information in the mail regarding the campaign. We will make it very simple for all to be involved.

If you are employed in one of the construction trades or with a supply manufacturer, we can use help with things like electrical work, carpentry and landscape alterations. If this is a way that you are willing to get involved please call our office at 510 431-3400 and leave us a message. We check it regularly.

Another great way to get involved is to volunteer your time during our beginning of the year clean up day and end of year winterizing which will happen soon for the 2016 season end. Notice to be given on our website www.treeviewswimclub.com and on nextdoor.com.

A BIG THANK YOU to Denise Eldred for serving on the board for 7 years. We are blessed to have Angela Baca as our new Treasurer taking over her position. We are lucky to have Sandy Hurtado join us as a new board member. The other slots are existing members. Thank you to the board for all your hard work in the 2016 season.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the 2017 season.